Tourism Capacity Building Programs

We specialise in the facilitation and delivery of a range of industry development projects, specialising in one on one mentoring programs for industry.  Just some of the topics we cover through workshops and one on one mentoring programs include domestic and international trade distribution, direct to consumer marketing, experience development, and packaging and bundling.

Capacity building within tourism destinations is vital - empowering operators to assist with the ‘heavy lifting’ of promoting tourism regions is a critical strategy that the most successful destinations do well.  In a rapidly changing landscape, keeping operators up to speed on the latest and most efficient ways to promote their existing products and services, develop new experiences, better collaborate with other operators, and better cater for target markets are important strategies for long term success.

Our team has extensive experience working in industry development and capacity building initiatives across Queensland and within Northern NSW. Some of the recent initiatives our team has undertaken include: 

Our workshops are fun, interactive and focus on tangible outcomes.  Participants in workshops can expect to be split into teams, work together on numerous exercises, and work towards creating new distribution plans, marketing strategies, packages and experiences.  Our workshops are not ‘death by PowerPoint’!

We specialise in one on one mentoring programs.  There are numerous benefits one on one mentoring provides for clients and operators, some of which include:

  • All tourism operators are different. They are different sizes, they offer different products and services, and have different needs. One on one mentoring allows us to tailor our approach, our advice and recommendations to specifically meet the needs of individual operators, rather than a one size fits all approach;
  • More time spent with individual operators. One off Workshops are certainly beneficial and have their place, however there is often a case of ‘information overload’ for tourism operators who still have no real understanding of where to start with their trade development. DR Tourism is available to operators outside of specific sessions for the duration of the program to provide advice and guidance where required;
  • Flexible with time.  We know that tourism operators are busy people, and as such we are willing and able to meet for program sessions on days/times that are suitable to each program participant; and
  • We will work with operators at their own premises.  We believe it is vital that mentoring sessions are conducted at each of the program participants' work premises.  This generally results in program participants being more relaxed in their own surroundings, commercial information that may be required as a part of the program will be more easily accessible, and it also allows DR Tourism to inspect each tourism product to give us a better understanding of the products and services being provided by program participants.  We do however also offer online mentoring, should in person mentoring not be an option.

The Whitsundays Trade Mentoring Program

‘Tourism Whitsundays began working with the DR Tourism team in the 2018/19 financial year on several trade focused industry development initiatives. Firstly, DR Tourism worked with us to mentor several new operators to get them to a trade ready standard, secondly they worked with several operators to prepare them for our annual Whitsundays East Coast Roadshow, and lastly, they worked with mentees to prepare a series of high quality, trade focused videos to use as a key selling tool with domestic and international trade partners.”

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